Testimonials for our Personal Training…

Okay, so What do Lorna’s Clients Think about Her?


Personal Trainer in London Passionate About FitnessTom Dee, 23  Passionate about Fitness did more than just help me shape up a little – it introduced me to a new and improved lifestyle which has brought radical changes. The personal level of service is complimented by expert knowledge and a great deal of client-care… To say I couldn’t have wished for better would be an understatement. Lorna is an expert trainer and shattered the preconception I had that all PT’s were ex-army, money-grabbing sadistic bullies. Highly recommended.


Personal Trainer in London Passionate About FitnessSue Lowdnes, 52  I receive 1 to 1 training on a weekly basis with an exercise plan to follow during the week. I get weighed in on the magic scales which tell you your metabolism rate, fat/muscle ratio and other key facts. I receive encouragement throughout the week by email and Lorna is always contactable.Lorna is realistic about what can be achieved and won’t set unachievable targets. She is flexible, very firm with her regime and ultimately she is motivated by helping others to achieve their goal. I have learned things with her that I haven’t heard in 30 years of going to gyms and having personal trainers. There really is logic to what she says is the key to losing weight permanently.


Personal Trainer in London Passionate About FitnessFozia Khan, 32  I’ve been using Passionate about Fitness to help me get fit and strong for my pregnancy and labour. I was genuinely impressed by how much healthier and stronger I felt after just a couple of months. I like the way the services are tailored to your specific needs and the fact that you are pushed but always made to feel comfortable and in charge of what you’re doing. I always look forward to my sessions and aim to continue training after I’ve had my baby to get back in shape.


Personal Trainer in London Passionate About FitnessMike Garnham, 34  Lorna is a great Personal Trainer. Her knowledge of food, sport and motivation is second to none. She makes keeping fit fun and exciting. She is easy to talk to, friendly and offers a warm welcome to everyone. What more could you ask for? I would thoroughly recommend her and her firm Passionate about Fitness.



Personal Trainer in London Passionate About FitnessCaroline Grey, 34  Lorna provides an excellent personal training service that encompasses not just the fitness side of things but great advice and tips on making healthy food choices. She is also very motivating, the sessions are so enjoyable that time flies!




Personal Trainer in London Passionate About FitnessEbru Sen, 32  Lorna assessed my fitness level and set up a program for me and she keeps me motivated whenever I need it. The best thing about Lorna is she pushes me past my comfort level which is something difficult to do on my own. She keeps track of my progress so we see the results each week.