Pricing For Personal Training

Personal Training Pricing…

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Or rates for personal training are per hour. Most clients pay for their sessions per month as it is easier for them to manage by setting set up a regular monthly payments. But we have a range of payment options to suit each individuals lifestyle, please get in touch to discuss the best option for you.

The more often you train, the cheaper the price is per session.

If you train more then twice a week you’ll also receive free ongoing nutritional support from a separate nutritionist.

It is outstanding value as you’ll work with 2 personal trainers not just 1, if you train more then twice a week. Its hard for 1 personal trainer to focus on both personal training and nutrition that’s why you’ll work with respectable personal trainer on your gym training and a separate specialist in nutrition.

95% of our sessions last 1 hour.


Our rate per session:

£60 per hour – if you train once a week at our gym.

£55 per hour – if you train twice a week at our gym.

£50 per hour – if you train three times or more a week at our gym.

If you would like to train from home please contact us for pricing.


Nutritional support on its own

-One session a week is £50 per hour.


For Online Personal Training

£119 per month

Please see the Online Personal Training page for more information…


We also offer tailored packages. These packages are designed to provide you with everything you are likely to need if you have very specific fitness goals.

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