We’re just a short journey from Stratford and we offer better Personal Training!

From Stratford you can either take the over rail train or tube to Liverpool Street station, then from Liverpool Street station if you turn left onto Primrose Street and at the end of Primrose Street if you cross Appold road and then right, then turn left onto Snowden Street and continue to the end then turn right onto Clifton Street and continue straight to the end of Clifton Street until you see the building Zetland House, where our gym is based.


It’s easy and fast to reach us from Stratford!

Previous clients that’s we’ve had from Stratford have found it very easy training with us and have also enjoyed the Shoreditch area at the same time either before or after they’re session as there is a lot of things to do in the area.

It was easy for them to reach us as Liverpool Street is just 1 stop away from Stratford using the over rail train plus there’s plenty of other transportation options.

Some clients would even walk from Stratford, which actually helped a lot with their training as they would walk at a fast pace for a good length of time.


The benefits of training with us for users that come down from Stratford:

  • We’re just 1 stop away on the train.
  • There are many transportation options to get to us from Stratford.
  • You could walk it occasionally which could be a good post or per session workout.
  • You’ll get to work with 2 separate personal trainer, which is great value and much better then working with one.
  • A separate personal trainer that’s an expert in nutrition will work on your diet plan, this is very useful having a separate person working with you as its very rare for 1 personal trainer to specialise in both gym training and nutrition.


Together we can help you achieve your goals

Depending on your goals we’ll set goals for you and we’ll monitor your progress to make sure you’re on track.

We keep a close log of all your gym and nutrition sessions so that we can work out if you are on track to achieve your goals.

Each week we’ll also measure your progress and work out ways to keep you going in the right direction.

Together we’ll guide you to reach your goals.


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