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Personal Trainer Lorna Balfour2 people will work with you. An experienced personal trainer in our Shoreditch gym & a specialist in nutrition on what you eat.

It is very hard for 1 person to fully focus on both personal training and nutrition.  That’s why we use 2 separate people!

We’ve been based in Shoreditch for some years and over that time we have become well established and recognized personal trainers and nutritionists in the area.

Lorna is a recognized specialist in nutrition, not only in Shoreditch but across the UK, she’ll work with you on your nutrition together with most of our personal training packages.  She’ll create you a specifically tailored nutrition plan depending on your requirements and offer you health and fitness advice and support when required.

Image 4Eric is a experienced celebrity personal trainer and he’ll create you Erictailored gym program depending on your requirements.  He will also work with you from the Shoreditch gym, measuring your progress to keep you on track to achieving your fitness goals.



Exercise at The Vault Gym in Shoreditch

If you are lookipersonal training shoreditch1ng for a personal trainer in Shoreditch you can train with Eric and Lorna Balfour of Passionate about Fitness. Eric will personally train you from The Vault Gym in Shoreditch. The Vault is a privately owned gym just for personal trainers and their Shoreditch clients. The gym is different to regular gyms, stocking a wider range of fitness equipment. Our personal training is located on Scrutton Street, Shoreditch, London, and is just a five minute walk from both Old Street and Shoreditch High Street tube stations. There is no entrance fee to the gym, you only pay for your personal training sessions.

A bit about Personal Training in Shoreditch

personal training shoreditch 2Shoreditch is a district in the East End of London within the Borough of Hackney. Shoreditch fits well into personal training as it is in a central location, which is north of the City of London and part of Inner London. As well as for health and fitness and personal training, Shoreditch has also become a popular and fashionable part of London since around 1996. Before 1996 Shoreditch was formerly a predominantly working class area, since around then Shoreditch has been gentrified by the creative industries, and those who work in them. Shoreditch has become popular with London personal trainers because of the rich potential for clients in the area.


personal training shoreditch 3Our Personal Training is easily accessible from our gym in Shoreditch

The areas immediately surrounding Shoreditch include Liverpool Street, Old Street, Angel, Moorgate, Bethnal Green, and Hoxton. All of these areas are conveniently close to The Vault Gym making our personal training comfortably accessible.


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