Old Street

We’re only round the corner from Old Street and of by far offer the best Personal Training in the area!

Old Street 1

We’re just 5 minutes away from Old Street.  From the Old Street roundabout you can go down City Road and turn left into Epworth Street, and we’re just at the end of Epworth Street as you cross over to Scrutton

Street, on the left hand side you’ll see the building Zetland House, which is where we are based.

Previous clients that we have worked with from Old Street have found it very convenient to train with us, as we’re just 5 minutes away from the Old Street roundabout it very easy to reach us if you work or live in the area.


There are many benefits of training with us if you are coming from Old Street.

Old Street 2

Some of the benefits are:

  • A very short journey time, so you have more time left on your hands.
  • Convenience (e.g. you could even pop in during lunch time and have a work out, etc…).
  • You can become more familiar with your environment (get to know your local services and people in and around the gym).
  • You’ll train from a private gym used only for personal training unlike commercial gyms that is mainly built for solo gym users.
  • You’ll work with 2 experienced personal trainings not just 1, no single personal training could ever match the value and benefits you’ll get working with 2.


We’ll work with you to achieve you’re goals!Old Street 3

We will write you a gym and nutrition program tailored for your specific needs and we will monitor your process and work closely with you step by step to achieve your goals.


Here are some of our personal training packages:

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