Our Personal Training is just literally around the corner from Moorgate!

From Moorgate train station you can walk straight up City Road towards Old Street then turn right onto Epworth Street and walk down onto Scrutton Street and you’ll see the building Zetland House on your left hand side just as you cross over to Scrutton Street.

We’re just a short walk away and really easy to find from Moorgate!

Clients that have trained with us from Moorgate have found it very easy and convenient to train with us.  Its around a 10 minute walk from Moorgate tube station, which works out well if you work or live in the area.


There’s loads of benefits in training with us if you’re based in Moorgate!

The benefits include:

  • It’s straightforward and easy to reach us within a short walking distance.
  • It’s convenient as we’re local you can train at more comfortable times.
  • The gym you’ll be training from is client based, which means the people training there all have personal trainers as its not open to non client users.
  • You’ll have a experienced 2nd personal trainer that’s a expert in nutritionist, which will work on your nutrition for you, so you’ll be working with 2 experienced personal trainers not just 1.
  • You wont need to take transportation to reach us as we’re based locally to Moorgate.


We’ll work together to help you achieve your goals

Together we’ll help you set goals and work with you step by step towards reaching your goals.  Each week we’ll keep log of your progress to ensure that we’re on the right track.

You’ll also have to support from 2 personal trainers not just 1, which is great if you ever needed a second opinion.


We have a range of personal training packages that might suit you:

Training for a Flat Tummy
Balance Training
Training for Strength
Training for Weight Loss
Training for a Flat Tummy
Training for Muscle Tone
Training for Body Transformation
Training for Improve your Posture
Training for a upcoming Wedding
Pregnancy Training
Postnatal Training


Start now!

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