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Personal Training that’s Effective, Natural & Healthy!

Work with a celebrity Personal Trainers in the gym and a separate expert Nutritionist on what to eat!

We’ll never ask you to use any chemical products to achieve results! We don’t use any controversial products and at Passionate About Fitness we would never make you use controversial products that may affect your long term health.

If you train more then twice a week you’ll work with a expert Personal Trainers (Eric) and a expert Nutritionist (Lorna).  You will have the expertise of TWO people rather then ONE, no single personal trainer can match that.


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We also have specific personal training programs for particular fitness goals.
These programs include:

Weight Loss
Weight Loss Training


Strength Training

Muscle Tone

Muscle Tone Training

Flat Tummy

Flat Tummy

Improve Posture

Posture Correction Training

Body Transformation

Body Transformation Training

Wedding Training


Postnatal Training


Pregnancy Training


Fertility Training


These programs will be tailored to your specific needs and will provide you with the very best level of support in achieving your goals. If you want to achieve significant results with your training you have to be prepared to make significant changes to your lifestyle to achieve them.

We train our clients at The Vault Gym which is a private gym for personal trainers and their clients. The gym has a bigger range of fitness equipment than regular gyms which makes your training more interesting and effective. You can book a free consultation, or call us on 07841 463 942. At the free consultation you can chat about what your fitness goals are, have a quick workout, and look at your body statistics.


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Focused Solutions

We provide focus to your training so you don’t have to rely on guesswork to achieve your goals. This saves you time and ensures each session is the best use of your time. Additionally Lorna applies a holistic approach incorporating fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle coaching depending upon your fitness goals.

Tailored Exercises

We’ll create you a specific tailored exercise program so you do the right exercises you need to do to achieve your goals, taking into account your posture and level of fitness. As your fitness level improves the exercises will change so your fitness level keeps improving. This prevents you from getting injured and allows you to achieve your goals.

Monitored Progress

We keep a close eye on your progress and if we thinks that you need to be doing more to achieve your goals we will let you know.  We work in partnership with our clients to get the very best results possible. We also monitors your full body statistics including your metabolic age and physique type.

Challenging and Fun

Training with us is tough but the workouts are fun and motivating. When training with us you will work hard but you should still have some energy at the end of the workout. Training to the point of exhaustion is pointless. Training in a structured and calm way is much more sensible if you want to achieve your goals.

Balanced Approach

We incorporate all elements of fitness (balance, strength, aerobic, flexibility) into your training sessions to ensure your fitness improves in all dimensions. We train with swiss balls and BOSU balls to improve balance and stability.