My Partners are there to help if required…

To achieve your fitness and health goals you might need extra help. I have built-up a good relationship with other businesses which offer services you might need. I have tried and tested each one to ensure they provide an exceptional service.



DudleyDudley Kent from Dudley Kent Acupuncture

Dudley offers acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine. I would refer you to Dudley if you have back or joint pain, or if you have fertility issues.



Hannah 1Hannah Goodyear from The Kitchen Queen

Hannah offers tailor-made cooking classes for people who simply can’t boil an egg to advanced cooks. The classes run in the comfort of your home, and are designed to be fun and informative.

I would refer you to Hannah if you lack confidence in cooking for yourself, but you are really interested in learning how to cook.


The Pure PackageThe Pure Package

The Pure Package is a gourmet meal delivery service. The service delivers your daily meals and daily snacks first thing every morning. The meals are all freshly cooked and designed by qualified nutritionists.

I would refer you to The Pure Package if you do not feel confident cooking your own meals and do not have the time to learn how to cook for yourself. This is an almost fool-proof way to lose weight or simply improve your energy and concentration.


RosalieRosalie Dickinson from The Rapha Centre

The Rapha Centre offers a health check service based on looking at the nutritional and health status of your hair.

I would refer you to Rosalie if you were interested in improving your overall health or getting to the bottom of any unexplained health problem.


SophieSophie Deedes from High Heels Personal Shopping

Sophie can help you improve your wardrobe. She offers wardrobe weeding where she will spend time looking at the clothes and outfits you currently have and make suggestions on what else you need. She can also shop with you for new clothes, and help you to select the right wardrobe.

I would refer you to Sophie if you need a whole new wardrobe after losing weight or toning up. Also, if you have recently had a baby you might need new clothes. This is a great way to celebrate achieving your fitness goals, by treating yourself to expert help in looking even better.