Lorna Balfour

About Lorna

As a child I had a very active life but I was a wee bit overweight and had very little energy. I used to struggle to get out of bed every day. My diet was shocking, lots of processed foods and too little fruit and vegetables. Angel Delight is not something I have eaten since.

After I graduated from university I started to exercise in the gym and made radical changes to my diet, which had been quite poor. I lost 21 pounds of weight. I felt fantastic.

After this transformation I moved from Scotland to London and decided to re-qualify as a personal trainer, because I felt it would be deeply satisfying to help other people achieve their fitness goals. And, if I can do it, so can anyone else. I work in Shoreditch because its close to Old Street, Moorgate and Liverpool Street, which makes my fitness studio easier to reach.  Shoreditch is also one of the trendiest parts of London which makes it even nicer to work there.

I also studied lifestyle coaching, including nutritional coaching. The approach to my eating completely changed after that. I focused more on the quality rather than quantity of what I was eating and drinking. Out went the microwave, McDonalds and Diet Cokes. I feel even healthier now.

I love my training, it is a part of my life now. My training is focused on strength training and body toning. I mainly use dumbbells and olympic bars, which might sound quite scary. However, my approach to training is calm and relaxed. Exercise and training should be fun and be about promoting your overall health. I don’t think worrying about how many calories you have burned on the treadmill, or comparing yourself to some airbrushed image is healthy.