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Why are you Better Off Training with a Female Personal Trainer?

There are many benefits of employing a female personal trainer over a man. It is my personal view that women are better suited to training women. This is based on my observation of men training women and their understanding of the female psyche. Ok, so why are women better suited to training women?


Right Exercise Intensity

It is rare to see a man training a female client hard enough. It is common to see fit women doing exercises with tiny weights. The intensity is too light. Men find it hard to know how much weight women can lift. Some fall into the trap of having their clients running on the treadmill for 30 minutes to ‘tone up’. Holy crap, what a waste of time.


Emotional Understanding

Many male trainers lack the emotional understanding of women which can make it challenging for both them and their clients. For example, when it comes to their training and diet most men are quite rational about it, whereas women have a more emotional relationship with their bodies. I overheard a male trainer telling his client she was fat and needed to eat less. She burst into tears. Harsh for a woman, but saying that to a man is entirely accpetable. It is no wonder many men do not like training women, although half of their clients are women. It is no wonder their clients look the same year in and year out. Ouch.


More Credible

I would have more belief in achieivng my goals if my trainer had achieved exactly what I wanted to achieve. They had experienced it. Women don’t want to look like their male trainer, they want to look feminine. If your female personal trainer has the physique you aspire to, then you are talking the same language. Why find someone that talks German if you talk French? It just feels all wrong.


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