• Adopt a Winning Attitude Towards your Pre-Wedding Exercise

    Adopt a Winning Attitude Towards your Pre-Wedding Exercise

    Start Exercising in Plenty of Time

    The biggest mistake that people make when getting married is to leave their pre-wedding fitness to the very last minute. That is a big mistake as you set yourself up to fail. To be honest, the amount you can achieve in six weeks is limited. It is better practice to allow longer than you think you get your body in perfect condition. As a guide, if you are starting to exercise for the first time you should allow 12 months to get fit. This is the time it will realistically take to build a good level of muscle definition. If you already train and are in a good physical shape, you should allow 6 months of work to fine tune your body definition.

    Setting Goals

    After deciding now is the right time to start your pre-wedding fitness, you need to set goals to get you there. Good goals are SMART. Smart goals are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Timed. Without well thought out goals, you are unlikely to achieve them. The more specific you can be with your goal, the better. You can create several goals around your fitness and lifestyle.

    It Takes Time to Develop a New Habit

    Not many people can change overnight. In reality, it can take anywhere from 18-224 days to make a new behaviour an ingrained habit. It takes this time as behavioural change involves physical changes in the brain. How long it takes to create a new habit depends upon the person, and how much of a shift they have to make. Before the new habit is ingrained you might experience more resistance to your new fitness regime. Remind yourself this is normal. Over time, your new healthier habit will crystallise.

    Only Focus on Positive

    Many people set themselves up to fail by viewing everything to do with their fitness negatively. This is a sure fire way to give up and fail. What you think and speak, you attract. When you speak negative, you attract negativity. When you speak positively, you attract positivity. Simply choose to try and replace all your negative thoughts and words with positive words and thoughts; it is as simple as that. For example, if you are used to saying “I am so lazy” replace that with “I have so much energy”. If you feel you could become more positive, why not post wee post-it-notes around your living space with positive messages?

    Overcoming Hurdles

    Sometimes life throws us a curve ball, and this can attempt to throw you off-track with your fitness. Think about how you would deal with possible scenarios, so if they materialise you will know how to deal with them, so they never become hurdles. For example, imagine you are going on holiday for three weeks. You would want to think about how you can keep up your exercise regime on holiday so your strength and fitness doesn’t slip. Some hurdles we can’t avoid in advance, life is like that. However, by adopting a rational approach to your fitness, and not striving for perfection, you can overcome any hurdle. It all comes down to making a commitment to your training, and perseverence. If you experience a setback you just experienced a setback. You just keep on going and recognise that setbacks are part of life, and that you are doing okay. You don’t have to feel guilty or a failure, you just need to stay as positive as you can.

    Get Support from Other People

    It is important that you get support from people around you, so you can share your progress. Maybe you can get them involved in exercising with you? You could also employ a personal trainer. A trainer will help you achieve your goals as they have the necessary experience and skill. This saves you endless stress trying to work out what to do, and wondering if what you are doing is effective.

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