• Wedding Fitness Plan Part 3

    Wedding Fitness Plan Part 3

    A Healthy Lifestyle Equals a Better Body

    Your lifestyle habits will affect how much you achieve in the gym, so try and align your lifestyle with your fitness goals

    Aim to get to Sleep by 10pm

    Try and get to bed by 10pm as body repair takes place during the hours of 10pm to 2am when you are asleep. It is important to get as much body repair as possible so you can build more muscle and recover from your training sessions. Also, if you are tired it is easier to overeat the wrong foods as you crave more energy to get you through the day.

    Reduce your Stress Load

    If your stress load is high it is very difficult to add more muscle definition as your body is in a catabolic state, or focused on breaking down muscle. All types of stress accumulate in your body, so try and reduce the stresses that are within your control. For example, get to bed on time, eat a good clean diet, drink enough water, and exercise moderately.

    Manage your Hormones

    As a women your hormones are finely balanced and easily put out of balance. If your hormones are slightly out of balance it can make losing weight really difficult. If you have fat round your middle, low energy, PMT, polycystic ovaries, cysts, fibroids or endometriosis you need to look at creating more balance. Things you can do to rebalance your body includes reducing your stress load, avoiding caffeine, and improving your nutrition.

    Practice Energising Exercises

    Energising exercises push your body into a restful state where it can focus on body repair. This reduces your stress load and promotes muscle growth and recovery. This all good for muscle definition in your wedding dress. Exercises include qi gong, tai chi, and meditation.

    Limit Alcohol

    Aim to cut out or drink alcohol occasionally. Alcohol dehydrates the body and acts as an anti-nutrient which means it depletes your body of key nutrients. When your body registers dehydration it can cause stress on your body as water is the most important nutrient your body needs. Alcohol also puts a lot of stress on your liver. The problem with this is you want your liver to be focusing on breaking down fat stores and on providing energy for your workouts.

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