• Wedding Fitness Plan Part 2

    Wedding Fitness Plan Part 2

    Think about how you will look on your big day

    You probably want to create an all over defined body for your honeymoon, but I feel you should also pay attention to your wedding dress. What your dress looks like will determine where you need to focus more effort in the gym.

    Backless dresses look really elegant but nobody wants to have a bony back on display. That is extremely unattractive. If this is the dress you are going to wear, you need to add extra exercises for your back muscles so they look defined and lean. Try including pull-ups, one arm rows, and shrugs.

    Low cut dresses look really feminine but again nobody wants to look at a bony chest. You need to include chest exercises like push-ups, chest press, and flyes into your fitness programme

    Meringue dresses really accentuate the waist so it is important to tone up your midriff. You can do this by including the plank, sit-ups, side bends, and leg lowering exercises.

    Short dresses can look really impressive but you need to have toned legs to wear them at their best. Why not include exercises like deadlifts, lunges, and squats to target your pins?

    With all wedding dresses it important to have toned arms and a good posture to look at your best.

    Arms need to be toned as they are on display with most wedding dresses, so you can include some exercises for the arms such as tricep dips and bicep curls.

    Good Posture is essential for all dresses as you are the star of the show. Focus on strengthening weak muscles and stretching tight muscles to create more balance in your body. You will look a lot better.

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