• Reason You Overeat

    Reason You Overeat

    Reason You Overeat… Overeating is most often a symptom of an underlying problem. Once you realise the reason you overeat, you can deal with the real issue behind your eating habits. The following list outlines my top 10 reasons why you overeat.

    1. High Stress ~ ‘The Corporate Animal’

    ‘The Corporate Animal’ spends twelve hours a day at work and thrives on the adrenaline rush. Over time their body struggles to produce cortisol, a stress hormone, if the stress is prolonged. This can lead to overeating as their body craves fat, sugar and salty foods. If this is the reason you overeat, it is vital to manage your stress load if you want to keep your appetite under control.

    2. Emotional Eating ~ ‘Comfort Blanket’

    Some people use food as a ‘Comfort Blanket’. This represents people who overeat in a bid to satisfy their unmet emotional needs. Comfort blanket foods are high in sugar or fat, for example cakes, chips, puddings, or sweets. If you can identify your unmet emotional needs, you can find healthier ways of meeting them. If emotional eating is the reason you overeat, it is never going to be the answer.

    3. Negative Beliefs ~ ‘The Victim’

    ‘The Victim’ has lost all perspective of her body, with a real negative attitude. They compare themselves to other people, including celebrities, and don’t like anything about their bodies. Deeply held negative beliefs about your body can reinforce your overeating. Your thoughts become reality. If this is the reason you overeat, try and drop the negative words and replace with positive ones.

    4. Dehydration ~ ‘The Coffee Queen’

    ‘The Coffee Queen’ drinks ten cups of coffee a day and dislikes water. She is severely dehydrated and overeats as she misreads her dehydration as hunger. Her dehydration also places stress on her body which leads to an increased appetite.

    5. Wrong Balance of Food ~ ‘The Cake Monster’

    ‘The Cake Monster’ craves sugar all day as he eats the wrong balance of protein, fat, and carbohydrate. This craving for sugar leads to their overeating. A typical day includes Special K and skimmed milk for breakfast, dried fruit mid-morning, sandwich for lunch, and pasta for dinner. The ironic thing is these people think their diet is healthy because it is low in fat. You can find out your ideal ratio of fat, protein, and carbohydrate by completing an online Metabolic Typing® questionnaire. This should highlight if this is the reason you overeat.

    6. Exhaustion ~ ‘The Night Owl’

    ‘The Night Owl’ doesn’t want to miss out on living and goes to bed at 2am every morning, but they are so exhausted they miss out on everything and anything. {I simply don’t get it} If you are tired it is very easy to overeat, as you crave more carbohydrate and fat to supply you with extra energy your body is lacking. Aim to be in bed by 10pm if you want to effectively manage your appetite.

    7. Ignorance ~ ‘In the Dark’

    If you are ‘In the Dark’ you are totally unaware of what to eat, and in what quantity. You simply have no knowledge of what good and bad eating habits are. If this is the reason you overeat it is an easy one to change, you simply need to educate yourself on nutrition and portion size.

    8. Unconscious Eating ~ ‘The Robot’

    ‘The Robot’ is aware of what to eat, and in what quantity, but their eating has become so automated they simply do not think about it. They tend to eat the same meals every day, and have no idea of what it is to feel hungry; their eating is driven by habit. It can take a change in their daily routine for them to become aware of their eating habits, for example going on holiday.

    9. Lacking in Nutrients ~ ‘The Pot Noodle Fanatic’

    ‘The Pot Noodle Fanatic’ lives on fish and chips, Pot Noodle, KFC, and Chinese carry-outs. The nutritional value of the food they are eating is unlikely to provide all of the nutrients their body needs. This means they are still going to be hungry, even if they eat 10,000 calories a day. If this is the reason you overeat you can start adding one fresh vegetable juice into your daily routine.

    10. Skipping Meals ~ ‘The Martyr’

    ‘The Martyr’ thinks that by skipping breakfast, and usually lunch, they can eat whatever they want in the evening. These people genuinely think they are doing something good. The truth is that by skipping breakfast alone their bodies are switching onto fat storage mode. If skipping meals is the reason you overeat, you will tend to eat more than people who don’t skip meals.

    I hope this article on exploring the reason you overeat has helped you in your quest to have healthier eating habits. Lorna is a female personal trainer based in Shoreditch, London. Lorna has designed a programme for weight loss. If interested in this programme you can book a free consultation with her or call her on 07841 463 942.

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