• Reasons NOT to Exercise

    Reasons NOT to Exercise

    Do you ever hear yourself using any of these reasons, and if you do, what are you REALLY saying to other people?

    1. REASON GIVEN – “I don’t have enough time to exercise!”

    WHAT YOU ARE REALLY SAYING – “I can’t manage my time properly”

    This is by far the most common reason I hear from people for not exercising (yawn!). What they are really saying is that they can’t manage their time effectively. Don’t be fooled by this reason, most of these people will spend several hours a week down the pub, or even glued to the TV. If you are genuinely short on time you could try and inject a little bit of exercise every day, even a very short workout is worthwhile. Everyone has 10 minutes!

    2. REASON GIVEN – “I can’t afford to workout”

    WHAT YOU ARE REALLY SAYING – “Having money in my savings account is more important than my health”

    You don’t need to spend money to get fit. How much does it cost to go for a jog, do some bodyweight exercises in the park? Yes, nothing, they are free! Can you really afford not to workout? The cost to your health could be huge over the coming decades. Think of health over money!

    3. REASON GIVEN – “I used to workout and it didn’t achieve anything”

    WHAT YOU ARE REALLY SAYING – “I was too stubborn to ask for help from a professional, and didn’t have a clue what I was doing in the gym”

    If you are training regularly and you feel your fitness has not improved, then there must be a logical reason for this: either your fitness has improved but you had no way of tracking it, you have unrealistic goals, or you are not training at the right intensity. Instead of giving up your exercise regime, employ a fitness professional to work with you, they will be able to diagnose where you are going wrong.

    4. REASON GIVEN: “I have never had a weight problem, I’ve always been slim”

    WHAT YOU ARE REALLY SAYING – “I am deluded into thinking my body looks good naked”

    The people I meet who use this reason are likely to be ‘normal weight obese’. Yes, they have too much fat, but think they don’t have to train because they are either underweight or of average weight. These are the people who have bingo wings and a muffin top!

    5. REASON GIVEN – “Going to the gym is boring!”

    WHAT YOU ARE REALLY SAYING: “I am boring. Nothing is boring, you only get boring people”

    There are so many different exercises you can do in the gym, it is hard to imagine how you could get bored, especially if you know how to train. But, if you simply prefer to train outdoors, then you should do that instead. You need to find a regime which is going to work for you. You don’t need to train in the gym.

    6. REASON GIVEN: “I don’t want to bulk up”

    WHAT YOU ARE REALLY SAYING: “I have no body definition at all”

    This is usually a concern I hear from women. However, the reality is women don’t need to worry about bulking up, unless injecting steroids. We don’t have the hormonal profile of men. Muscle should be a girl’s best friend as it gives our bodies definition and that healthy toned look. The women I meet who use this reason are usually the cardio queens, running on the treadmill for hours at a time. The results they get from their fitness programs are usually fairly limited.

    7. REASON GIVEN: “I am naturally fit”

    WHAT YOU ARE REALLY SAYING: “I am totally deluded and have no self awareness”

    Yes, some people think they are born fit, with some kind of fit gene, which means they never need to train or workout. These people will refer to themselves as ‘naturally fit’. These people will also struggle to run for the bus, or carry their shopping bags home.

    8. REASON GIVEN: “I am a not vain enough to exercise”

    WHAT YOU ARE REALLY SAYING:”I don’t care about about my health”

    Vanity has very little to do with working out. What is more important is looking after your health. The short term benefits of working out include enhanced energy, higher self-esteem, and reducing everyday life stress.

    9. REASON GIVEN: “I am too fat to exercise”

    WHAT YOU ARE REALLY SAYING: “I am too frightened to start exercising”

    Some people put off exercising until they lose weight as they feel they are too overweight to exercise. The reality is you get best results combining a good nutrition plan with weekly exercise sessions. Yes, it can be daunting to start exercising, especially if you are extremely fat. However, if you can just take one little step, you will make progress, and feel better about your body. One step at a time is all that is required!

    10. REASON GIVEN: “My health prevents me from exercising”

    WHAT YOU ARE REALLY SAYING: “I am looking for an excuse”

    If you have dodgy knees, lower back pain, or a frozen shoulder you can still train. You just need to work within the boundaries of what you can do. I have trained people that were wheelchair bound, they did not use it as their reason for not exercising!

    Guess what? All of these reasons are merely EXCUSES. If you truly believe the reasons you give for not exercising are valid, please think again. You are deluded. Everyone can exercise. Be honest with yourself, what are your real reasons for not exercising?

    Lorna is a female personal trainer based in Shoreditch, London. You can find out more about how she works. You can also book a free consultation with her.

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