• Strengthening Your Butt After Childbirth

    I gave birth four months ago and have started exercising recently. I am really shocked how weak my body has become. Pregnancy placed more stress on my body than I ever thought possible. One of the changes is to your posture as it adapts to your growing belly by tightening your lower back muscles and

  • Regaining my Flat Tummy after Childbirth

    My son is three months old and beautiful. However, I now have a ‘mummy tummy’. I used to have a six-pack and I am keen to get it back, however, I feel I have to be patient. Realistically it might take nine months to regain my abs. In the third trimester I developed pubic symphysis

  • Benefits of Exercising in Pregnancy

    An Outline of the Benefits of Exercising in Pregnancy Exercising in Pregnancy. There are many benefits to exercising in pregnancy. By exercising it will help your body deal with the changes associated with pregnancy, and be better prepared for the labour itself. It will also be easier to recreate your pre-pregnancy body after your baby