• Body Myths: A Battle of the Sexes

    Body Myths A Battle of the Sexes

    Which sex is being deceived the most by urban myths? I have listed the top myths I hear and see people holding onto which are completely unfounded. I have also highlighted which sex I feel is being deceived the most by each set of myths. Which of these urban myths do you hold onto? Now is the time to let go of any self-limiting beliefs.

    Female Body Myths Male Body Myths Biggest Lie
    If you train with weights you will bulk up You don’t need to warm-up before your training Female
    The only way to lose weight is to eat less and exercise more Having a spotter is good for lifting (far too) heavy weights Female
    Eating fatty foods will make you fat The louder you grunt when lifting weights the harder you are working Female
    If you are slim you don’t need to exercise No weight is too heavy Female
    Training with weights is just for men Stretching is just for women Female
    You will get fatter as you get older You need to use a belt to provide support when lifting really heavy weights Female
    Sweating in the gym is a big no-no for women Yoga and Pilates are too easy options Female
    You just need to do cardio to lose weight Creatine supplements are necessary if you are taking your training seriously Female
    Training every day is essential for it to be effective The ‘cut and paste’ approach to fitness works. This refers to cutting out a fitness program from Men’s Health magazine and following it religiously Equal
    The weight on the scales is the most important indicator of how good you look naked You should train through pain or injuries Equal
    Practising Tai Chi and Qigong are useless for weight loss Protein shakes (alone) will increase your muscle size Equal
    When you are pregnant you need to stop training Winning is more important than the taking part Male
    Comparing yourself to other women gives you a sense of perspective Just train one part of your body the part that shows off your physique best Male
    You need to obsess about your weight You don’t need to look after your body you can get off with being ‘well-rounded’ Male

    If you unclear why any of these points are myths, please feedback your views.

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