• Lose Weight Easily by Changing Your Lifestyle

    Lose Weight Easily. The following list highlights the best ways to lose weight easily. By adopting these points you should have everything you need to succeed. I have devised a three step traffic light approach to lose weight easily, and I suggest you do enough work at each traffic light before you move onto the

  • Reason You Overeat

    Reason You Overeat… Overeating is most often a symptom of an underlying problem. Once you realise the reason you overeat, you can deal with the real issue behind your eating habits. The following list outlines my top 10 reasons why you overeat. 1. High Stress ~ ‘The Corporate Animal’ ‘The Corporate Animal’ spends twelve hours

  • Fitness Goals Failure. How to Fail with Your Fitness Goals

    Fitness Goals Fail…If you want to FAIL at reaching your fitness goals, then stick to the following points. It surprises me how many people adopt some of these points, yet, still hope to achieve their fitness goals. They set themselves up to fail. I have listed the points in the order I feel represents their

  • The Most Stupid Ways to Lose Weight

    Many people look to lose weight, which is unsurprising when you consider 20% of men and 25% of women are classified as obese in the UK. However, many people adopt stupid ways to reduce their weight, and thus limit their success. The following are my top 20 most STUPID ways to lose weight. There is

  • 10 Very Good Reasons to Exercise

    The following list represents my top 10 reasons to exercise. There are many other reasons, however, I consider these to be the most important ones. I have listed the reasons to exercise in order of importance. The first two reasons have longer term benefits and this is why I consider them to be the most

  • Benefits of Exercising in Pregnancy

    An Outline of the Benefits of Exercising in Pregnancy Exercising in Pregnancy. There are many benefits to exercising in pregnancy. By exercising it will help your body deal with the changes associated with pregnancy, and be better prepared for the labour itself. It will also be easier to recreate your pre-pregnancy body after your baby

  • Reasons NOT to Exercise

    Do you ever hear yourself using any of these reasons, and if you do, what are you REALLY saying to other people? 1. REASON GIVEN – “I don’t have enough time to exercise!” WHAT YOU ARE REALLY SAYING – “I can’t manage my time properly” This is by far the most common reason I hear