• Adopt a Winning Attitude Towards your Pre-Wedding Exercise

    Start Exercising in Plenty of Time The biggest mistake that people make when getting married is to leave their pre-wedding fitness to the very last minute. That is a big mistake as you set yourself up to fail. To be honest, the amount you can achieve in six weeks is limited. It is better practice

  • Wedding Fitness Plan Part 3

    A Healthy Lifestyle Equals a Better Body Your lifestyle habits will affect how much you achieve in the gym, so try and align your lifestyle with your fitness goals Aim to get to Sleep by 10pm Try and get to bed by 10pm as body repair takes place during the hours of 10pm to 2am

  • Wedding Fitness Plan Part 2

    Think about how you will look on your big day You probably want to create an all over defined body for your honeymoon, but I feel you should also pay attention to your wedding dress. What your dress looks like will determine where you need to focus more effort in the gym. Backless dresses look

  • Wedding Fitness Plan Part 1

    Take a Good Hard Look at Your Body You are getting married and you want to be in the very best physical shape for your big day. The first thing you need to do is decide how much work you need to do to get your body ready for your big day. Questions you should

  • Very Good Reasons to Eat Chocolate

    Chocolate seems to get a bad press, viewed as a ‘negative food’ and best avoided. However, some of the longest living peoples have consumed copious amounts of chocolate, so what is the real deal? In reality, chocolate in its raw form can offer a truckload of health benefits. 1. Antioxidants – Raw chocolate has the

  • The Benefits of Balance Training

    Most people do not think about incorporating balance training into their fitness regime. I think this is because they don’t understand the benefits of adding it in. Balance is the ability to control the body’s position, either stationary (e.g. complex yoga pose) or whilst moving (e.g. ice skating). Balance is a key element of fitness,

  • The Power of Rest

    REST is time spent free of action points, or tick-lists. Rest gives you time to slow down, and just relax. Restful activities include slow walks in nature, leisurely hot baths, relaxing massages, journaling, practising qi-gong or yoga, creative visualisation, meditation, or simply taking a quick power nap. Restful activities do NOT include watching television, going

  • Avoid Getting Injured When Training

    Having an injury is VERY annoying as you usually have to take some time off from your training, and your fitness level inevitably slips. By adopting the following simple common-sense tips, you should be able to avoid most injuries occurring. 1. Fully warm-up your body before you start each training session. You can warm-up by

  • Gym Etiquette – Some Unspoken Rules of The Gym

    The following list of points outline what I think resembles good gym etiquette. The points focus on creating a safe environment, but also on creating a supportive one too. Creating a Safe Environment 1. Good gym etiquette says you should avoid walking in front of someone who is using the mirror to check their form

  • Adding Muscle Mass Easily

    If adding muscle mass is a goal with your fitness training, the following 10 tips should be of interest: 1. You want to aim for Progressive Overload when you are training. That means the volume of your training has to be increased as you are adding muscle mass, this ensures you are continually improving. 2.