About Passionate about FitnessPersonal Trainer Lorna Balfour

Passionate About Fitness specialises in health, fitness and nutrition.  We work with people using our skills, knowledge and experience to guide and help them achieve their goals.

I work together with my partner Eric, we share the same core values and combine our services to offer a better service to each of our clients.


‘To help my clients adopt a healthy lifestyle, living their lives to their full capacity’.

Core Values

  •     Promoting wellness.
  •     Calm approach.
  •     Genuine care.
  •     Long term solutions.

Establishing a Healthy LifestyleImage 4

Living a healthy lifestyle is important if you want to achieve your fitness goals. The six foundations to health are:

  •     Positive thoughts
  •     Deep breathing
  •     Hydration
  •     Nutrition
  •     Movement
  •     Sleep

I can teach you the importance of all the foundations to health, and how you could improve each one of them in your life.


My Qualifications Training
-Premier International Diploma in Personal Training -Intelligent Fitness Postural Assessment & Correction
-VTCT Diploma in Sports Therapy -The Tonic Advanced Personal Training Course
-Paul Chek Nutrition & Lifestyle Coach Level 3 -BOSU Balance Training Course
-Paul Chek Programme Design -Crossfit London icourse
-Paul Chek Scientific Back Training -Crossfit London Kettlebells Masterclass
-Paul Chek Scientific Core Conditioning -Current Emergency First Aid Certificate