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Train with Eric a personal trainer in London, at a top private gym in Shoreditch. With many years of experience as a personal trainer, and a background in different sports, you are in good hands!


Welcome to Passionate about Fitness…

Hi I’mEric Eric, a well educated and experienced personal trainer.

I enjoy and specialise in working, training and monitoring people every step of the way to achieve their fitness goals!

All of my Personal Training in London is tailored for each clients specific needs, including:

Strength TrainingFitter
Weight Loss
Muscle Tone
Improve Posture
Flat Tummy
Body Transformation

Although I specialise in Personal Training, I also work with Lorna who is a health and fitness nutritionist and qualified in lifestyle coaching, which allows us to offer high quality additional diet and lifestyle advice.

Contact me for a consultation. During the consultation I would love to find out your fitness goals, plus I’ll show you around our gym and you can have a quick workout too.


I love working as a personal trainer in London as I have been privileged to work with amazing people who really want to change their fitness and health. And it is great to see their confidence soar as they achieve their fitness goals. I offer solutions, not quick-fixes. I refer people to other businesses I have tried and tested to provide additional support if that is what they need.

All personal trainers work differently and it is important to find someone you can work with. I work in a calm and relaxed way, I don’t scream at my clients, as some trainers do. I don’t offer quick fixes as they simply don’t work. Instead I work out with my clients realistic goals they can work towards for the year, and we monitor the goals every quarter. Each quarter we review where we are at and what we need to change or modify. If I think training alone will not achieve your goals, I will suggest sensible solutions.

All of our Personal Training in London is tailored for each clients specific needs.

Image 4Eric will work with you in the gym and Lorna will work with you on your nutrition and lifestyle.

That’s amazing value as you get 2 expert Personal Trainers not just 1. You can also talk to both regarding Personal Training and Lorna is also an recognised expert in Nutrition.

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The Gym

The Vault Gym in Shoreditch is where you will be training from. It’s a private gym for personal trainers and their clients. There is no entrance fee to use the gym, you just pay for your personal training sessions. There are 3 large training room and also changing rooms with showers.

Here are some photos of the gym:

Our Gym


Lorna Balfour the Expert Nutritionist

You’ll get an Expert Nutritional Diet Plan by Lorna

As well as having over 10 year’s experience as a personal trainer Lorna is also an expert nutritionist with a focus that’s health and well-being oriented.

Lorna will with you by creating you a tailored diet plan to help you achieve your fitness goals.

Having a diet plan together with a gym training plan will help you greatly to achieve your training & nutrition goals.

As Lorna is also an experienced personal trainer you can ask her for personal training advice if you ever felt that you needed to have a second opinion.


Eric Personal Training

Eric will prepare and personally train you in the gym to achieve all your fitness goals

Eric has gained respect as a top quality personal trainer by achieving results for his clients, which include celebrities.

He’ll help you step by step to improve and work towards your personal training goals.

Eric will write a personal training program that is specifically tailored for you to help you achieve your training and fitness goals, which you’ll work on together in the gym.

He’ll also keep track of your fitness progress to make sure that you are on the right track to achieve your goals.


Fit And Healthy



All of our personal training is up to date and stay ahead by continuously researching in our field of health and fitness!

We have a strong interest in health and fitness that’s beyond our workplace.

We have a range health and fitness orientated partners that we work with that fits nicely around our personal training services.

Lorna and Eric are both experts in health and fitness and are constantly writing articles on different topics of interest, which all require deep and thorough research, this keeps us up to date as personal trainer in our field of health and fitness.

Below are some of the articles and blogs that Lorna has written to contribute to the world of health and fitness:


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Our personal training and nutritional & lifestyle advice will help you achieve your fitness goals and become a more confident and happier through the improvements and experience you’ll gain training with us.

Get in touch to ask a question or to arrange a visit or personal training session so you can view our private training studio and meet us!

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